Forum Title: PRV and Thermal Expansion tank?
I recently purchased a house and the inspectors said I needed to install a Pressure Reducing Valve as the pressure measure at the spigot outside was 80 psi. I've measured it at 78-80 pretty consistently since we moved in. So, I have a few questions: -Is 80 psi high enough to necessitate installing a PRV? -If I install a PRV, do I then need to install a thermal expansion tank on my water heater or are the two not always necessary together? Thanks a lot for the help!
Category: Plumber Post By: KIMBERLY HARRIS (Burlington, NC), 03/28/2017

Thanks. I'm learning, albeit very slowly.

- JACKIE HAYNES (Rockford, IL), 09/05/2017

I hear 55-60 psi is optimum. I've always had a good PRV installed but never needed an expansion tank.

- SHAWN SULLIVAN (Youngstown, OH), 10/03/2017

Havasu has become very astute in his recommendations

- WADE FRANCIS (Bell, CA), 10/15/2017

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