Forum Title: Radiators - easy to change?
Evening guys, We've got a really small rad in the daughters bedroom which ideally we would like to swap for the one in the bathroom which is bigger. I've attached a photo of how the radiators are installed, is it just a case of unscrewing and screwing back on? ImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1448224697.061713.jpg
Category: Plumber Post By: JAY MCCOY (Monroe, LA), 01/26/2016

WOOOOOOOOOOO up their Cowboy!!!! if that is a hydronic rad. when you unscrew it. You will unleash some of the foulest smelling stagnet water,you ever smelled. it will come out of that pipe and will not stop till the system is shut down, the rust and oil in the water will stain the carpet and wood floors not to mention the 3rd degree burn you will receive, none of that will compare to the whoop'n your wife will put on you for causing such a mess. I n my opinion, with it and a 5 dollar bill,you MIGHT be able to afford a foo foo coffee at starebucks but, I would find the boiler, shut it down, let it cool, drain the system of pressure, then unscrew them pipes

- SALLY NEWMAN (Asheville, NC), 09/24/2017

Cheers lol!

- LORRAINE DAY (Lake Oswego, OR), 09/24/2017

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