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I need some advice. My house was built in 1998 and I live in Texas. I just noticed the other day ( about 2-3 days ago) my bath tub had a running water sound. Well I have gone to my meter 3 times now and its not moving at all (like it would if it was a leak). Today I finally turned everything off from the meter and went to my tub and noticed the sound was gone. So I turned the main water line on and the sound came back. So then I turned off every faucet,toilet, and any other water line I could find in the house. When I turned off my faucets in the same bathroom as tub I noticed the sound in the pipes to the faucet. This is the only room with this sound. So I couldn't figure out what to turn off since when all were of individually the sound kept going. I went and double checked the meter and its not spinning at all or even budging. What gets me is if I turn off the water from the meter the sound goes away. Anyone have any ideas? Also my water temp has not changed nor has the pressure.
Category: Plumber Post By: MELANIE ALVARADO (Normal, IL), 02/23/2016

Several things to check. Check your toilet tank, a lot of times the fill tube going into the flush valve is pushed below the water level and it will siphon and make the sound your describing. I know it has nothing to do with the tub but check that out first. Also, spot check the meter. Look at the dial and numbers, mark the location of the dial, arrow whichever you have. Don't run anything for an hour, turn off icemaker to fridge, water to humidifier etc. Then look at it in an hour and see if it has moved. If your tub were leaking or dripping the water would be showing up somewhere. Also, check the T&P discharge for your water heater. Another thing to check is to see how long it takes your ballcock to cut off as the water fills in your toilets. Sometimes they can take a long time towards the end of the fill cycle. Let us know if any of these things help.

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (O'Fallon, MO), 09/08/2017

Ok I have noticed the meter barely spinning. The silver piece spends a cycle every minute if that. Whats the best way to find leaks?

- RUTH THOMPSON (Brownsville, TX), 09/10/2017

I have checked toilets and no luck there. Its not continually filling. I also checked this when I turned the water off to all toilets and sound still existed. As for the meter the longest I have continually checked it is about 15 minutes. Nothing budged. The reason for only 15 minutes is because my wife or I accidentally turn something on. My meter reader is the kind with numbers and red dial. then a silver spinner inside the red dial that moves like CRAZY. I have checked my WHOLE house for water somewhere. I have pulled up carpet in corners and checked outside. Its hard to tell outside since we got rain on Saturday but no standing water which I would think I would have since we got a good amount of rain on saturday. How do I check the TP discharge on water tank?

- CHRIS GUTIERREZ (Goldsboro, NC), 09/28/2017

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