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Greeting all, A desire to replace a bathroom vanity on our main floor led to the discovery that no previous owner of the house bothered to tile under the old one. So it was time to replace the tile anyway - what the heck. Around the toilet there had always been some slight discoloration of the grout, but I figured it was because it's the ground floor on a slab or whatever. But as I banged up the old tile I found it was quite wet and after removing the toilet that the plastic flange was bowed and cracked. The ring pulled up pretty easily (I'm not even sure if the ring was attached to any flange pipe?) and now there is the 3" pipe in the concrete. There were no bolts, but I've read that there is not necessarily a need to bolt the flange in concrete? I'm not really sure how to proceed from here. I'm not against calling a pro, but I'd like to do it myself if I can. I figure I need to replace the flange and ensure a good height for the new floor. The rest of the pipe is in the concrete and not going anywhere from what I can tell. Any tips would be appreciated. I'll try and give more detail if necessary. I've attached some images to try and make up for my poor description. Thanks much.
Category: Plumber Post By: HOWARD GRAY (Peabody, MA), 03/03/2016

if that is 4'' pipe. a 4'' fitting closet collar will fit inside the pipe.

- GEORGE MOORE (Providence, RI), 09/07/2017

I cant tell by the picture what you have, is that a cast iron pipe or abs? is that a rubber gasket? pull it off, clean it up

- JEFF HARPER (Missouri City, TX), 09/26/2017

Not a rubber gasket. Seems like part of the old flange that broke off. It's ABS pipe. I'm thinking of using some cement to level the ring around the old ABS pipe and placing tile, then just screwing an Oatey fitting with a long flange in with concrete screws.

- LISA MARTINEZ (Portage, IN), 10/11/2017

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